Make a Fake Dr Note (for Work) Without Any Mistakes

If you are to free yourself from work or school, make sure that you do it right. Avoid huge blunders while making a fake dr note. Don’t do this:

Do it yourself.
Doing it yourself could lead to a world of trouble for you. Not only will you have to spend a lot of time trying to do it, but you will also risk your employer catching you in the act. This can be a major issue for people who want to continue working at their job. It could take a simple day off to an entire life time off from that employer.

Go for free.
It is truly exhilarating when you can find what you are looking for at absolutely no cost to you. Don’t believe the hype though, if it seems fishy it probably is. The free note sites are great for people who don’t want to worry about what their employers think. Don’t get a free note because they are sloppily made, they are not checked and they are more likely to be caught onto by your employer. A free note is simply not worth it for people who want to hand in an excuse.

Be really sick.
No matter what your health history is or what your employer thinks of you, you won’t be able to get away with having several different issues or a rare disease from your physician. Go for something simple, like a cold, to make it more believable and to reduce the risk of your employer finding out.

Let the story out.
You should be sure that you know what you are going to say to everyone when you go back to work. If you do not have a good story lined up, you will risk exposing the real story of you were not really sick to begin with. This could be detrimental to your job and could make your fellow coworkers laugh at you at best and your employer fire you at worst. Be sure that you know what your story is before you head back to work.

Stop acting
If you had the flu on Friday, you will probably not be feeling 100% better by Monday. While your “excuse” has cleared you to return to work after the weekend, make sure that you keep your act up until at least Tuesday. This will show your coworkers and your boss that you really didn’t feel well and that you are trying to still recover from the illness. Try enjoying your weekend a little harder to give yourself some symptoms that will make you appear sick.

Take too much time.
While a day off every once in a while is just what the physician ordered, you may become a serial offender if you do it very often. Don’t use the notes too often and be sure that you only give yourself off for a day or two at a time instead of taking long periods of time off.

Get ridiculous.
By giving your “physician” a ridiculous name, giving yourself a disease that doesn’t even exist or giving yourself time off that doesn’t match up with your illness, you can appear to be outrageous. This is something that has made many people get caught and could lead to your demise, as well. Make sure that you know what you want to be on your excuse and that it isn’t too wild. Your employer will never believe that Doctor Hurts told you you had mono conjuntive ebola influenza bronchial root virus and that you need off of work for 21 days. Visit our home page to learn more.