Fake Doctors Notes / Excuse Templates for Work & School (PDF)

dr-writing-notepadFake Doctor’s Notes 101

Do you have a personal emergency? Do you desperately need some free time off work/school? Do you just need to relax and get yourself back together? You need a fake doctor’s note.

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you came to the right place as I know how to solve your problems. A fake physician’s note will excuse your absence from any place and give you the free time you need.

Some people say that using fake physician’s excuse notes for work is dangerous as you can lose your job. However, this will only happen if you get caught with a fake note from a physician/hospital. It’s true that in this situation, you will get in a lot of trouble, but you can easily avoid this.Here is how you should use a fake note from a physician or hospital letter without getting caught:

1. Buy only the best fake physician’s excuse notes.

One of the best things about electronic medical records is the fact that physicians today download their own notes and letters templates online. This means that you will have no trouble finding a fake physician’s note or hospital letter if you know where to look. A simple online search will provide you with dozens of links to websites that offer phony physicians notes for school. You’ll need to spend a bit of your time studying them and comparing the terms and products they provide to pick the best fake excuse notes from a physician. Don’t rush this research as you need to be 100% sure that the medical template you choose is of high quality. You also might want to read this page on getting a physician’s medical template / excuse.

2. Customize your fake physician’s excuse note.

Never buy pre-made fake physician’s notes because they don’t look authentic. Real physicians’ use customizable excuse note and letter templates, so you should do the same. When you can personalize the note, you can make it look more real, which means that your chances of getting caught reduce drastically.

Are you worried you will mess up when customizing your fake physician’s excuse note?

Don’t as a reliable online company will provide you with a simple guide on how to do this. You can also contact the firm online and ask for advice if you can’t understand something. Even if you aren’t very good with technology, a good fake physician’s excuse note service will teach you how to make your particular note perfect.

3. Know which medical excuse is best to use in your situation.

Today you can find an online service that offers a variety of physician’s notes and hospital letters for any medical condition. This diversity allows you to find the perfect excuse for any given situation. You just need to think carefully when choosing. Here are some examples:

sick-persona. Dental emergency fake physician excuse notes are the best for emergencies.

b. Flu is the best fake excuse to take a few free days off during the flu season.

c. A physician’s note stating ‘food poisoning’ is a good excuse for getting a couple of days free.

d. Pregnancy or chronic condition letters from a physician can be used to get your employer make some changes in your schedule or working environment.

e. Planned physical checkup is the best excuse to use when you have plans for a specific day.

4. Be as truthful as possible.

Even if you use a fake physician’s note or hospital letter to excuse your absence, you need to make it look as realistic as possible. This way, your employer or teachers won’t doubt you, so you won’t risk getting caught. Choose a condition you’ve suffered from before or have a family history of. This way, you will know how to behave, so your act once you return back to office will be more believable. Don’t forget that your boss can start doubting even an authentic note from a physician/hospital if you behave strangely.

Doctor excuse notes, hospital letters, and other medical documents come in a great variety of forms, and you’ll need to research them before you start looking for fake dr notes. If you know how the real note from a physician looks like, you will be able to tell whether the fake medical template you consider buying is worth your money.

Marks of a GooD DOCTOR’S Note

Want to be sure that the fake physician note is truly good? This is the information every authentic looking fake physician’s note template should contain:

• Doctor’s name.

Look for fake templates that allow you to change the name of the physician as this is the part that must be personalized to meet your needs. Look up the list of medical specialists in your area (available online for free) and choose the name of a real physician with a specialization in your chosen condition/excuse. Your boss/teacher has access to the same free online sources of information and can verify whether the physician from your fake note exists.

• Doctor’s contacts.

Don’t worry about placing a real physician’s contacts on your fake note. Any information about your visit to a medical facility is private and protected under the HIPAA privacy laws. Therefore, even if your employer/teacher decides to call the hospital and ask whether you had visited it, they won’t get an answer without a court order.

• The cause of absence.

Please research authentic medical documents pertaining to your chosen excuse. You need to know how exactly the condition is explained in real physician’s notes so that you can enter the same info in your own customizable template.

• Your name and date.

If you use this fake excuse to get a few free days off, you should choose the date carefully so that it matches your ‘cover story’.



There are some online companies that offer free fake medical documents today. From my own experience, I can say that I have yet to find a free forged paper that looks rally authentic. As quality is vital in this case, I advise you to buy fake templates of a superior quality. In this case, you can be perfectly sure that you won’t get caught.


Here are some additional resources to check out:

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Fake Dr Excuse Notes

mistakeFor me, fake dr excuse notes have worked every time. However, I believe that preparation is everything so I did a thorough research and read through discussion threads n numerous online forums to compile a list of mistakes that must be avoided when using this kind of excuse. They are:

• Using a non-believable excuse.
There are lists of most common excuses for missing work online that are compiled from statistical surveys. You really should look into them to find out which excuse is the most believable for the person of your age and profession. This data is available for free, so there really is no reason not to study it. Of course, this research might seem a bit dull, but it can help you save your job. You can also look here for some ideas.

• Being careless when customizing your template.
I’m not a tech-savvy person so it took me quite a few tries to customize a blank fake dr excuse template perfectly. However, the hours spent tweaking the form and researching authentic medical documents paid off, and my boss didn’t doubt that my note is 100% real. I advise you to pay attention to every little detail, especially wording as formal medical documents are written in a strange way.

• Acting too cheerful when you return to work.
Having a few free days of rest gives you a boost of energy, but you definitely wouldn’t be really cheerful if you’ve just been down with a stomach flu for a week. You should learn how to act when you return and be sure to avoid silly mistakes, like snacking on nuts after a fake ‘dental surgery’ or eating three burgers in a row after a ‘food poisoning’. Check out free online sources that offer various medical articles and videos to understand which symptoms you need to fake. If you aren’t particularly good at acting, just keep your head down and try to look depressed for a couple of days.

Fake Dr Notes Make the Best Excuses for Missing Work or School

No matter how great a student or worker you are, there might come a time when you need to get an excuse for your absence. Unfortunately, few bosses and even fewer teachers are understanding enough to let you get some time off, and our healthcare system makes obtaining an authentic note from a physician quite difficult.
If you find yourself in this situation, buying a fake dr excuse note will indeed be the best choice. Use it wisely and be careful when customizing it in order to create a document that looks 100% authentic.
This excuse will help you in a variety of situations, including:

• When you are really sick but can’t afford a physician. (What’s with healthcare costs these days?)
• When you need a little free time to relax and relieve stress.
• When you need to care for a sick loved one.
• When you need extra free time to arrange a special surprise for your precious person.
• When you need to get some concessions from your boss, like changing your schedule or the number of allowed breaks.
• When you have a personal emergency and don’t want to discuss it with anyone.


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